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From major repairs, to preventative maintenance, to upholstery, we've got everything you need to keep your equipment "Up and Running".

Preventative Maintenance

Cardio Equipment Check

- Remove Covers, When Possible & if Needed.

- Clean and Vacuum Out Interiors

- Remove Dirt and Debris from Motor Vents, Circuit Boards, and Cooling Fans

- Inspect Wire Harnesses and Connections

- Lube All Chains, Bearings, Bushings, Rollers, Pulleys and Pivots

- Check Condition of Motor and Alternator Brushes

- Check Condition and Alignment of All Drive Belts, Chains and Cables

- Inspect All Other Parts for Wear and Function

- Tighten Loose Crank Arms, Belts and Pulleys

- Check Calibration of Speed and Elevation Sensors, Re-calibrate If Necessary

- Lubricate Treadmill Decks (where applicable)

- Grease Drive Assemblies and Elevation Assemblies

- Check Machine Functions and Operation

- Clean Exteriors

- Log Mileage, Hours, Floors, Feet and strides, Error Log. (Where Available)

- Complete Detailed Service Report of Current Condition and Possible Future Problems.

Strength Equipment Check

- Clean and Lube All Guide Rods, Pivot Points, Pop Pin Adjusters, Bearings and Bushings.

- Inspect All Cables, Chains, Belts, Nuts and Bolts.

- Check Machine for Proper Function and Movement. Adjust if Needed.


Choose from over 100 upholstery color options to get your equipment looking the way you want it. 

100+ Options

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